Not only, but also. . .

Up Country world headquarters is definitely worth a visit, but don't plan on staying just a few minutes, there's too much to see in a brief visit!

There's a whole floor of handknit yarns, patterns, books and magazines to browse.  And when your knit projects are in the bag, you'll find that Up Country also sells stylish, comfortable designer womenswear, accessories, shoes, craft jewellery and cards.

Here are a few of the labels you'll find on our rails:

oska cut loose
natural wave
.Lauren Vidal
aura que
. .
  tutta natura

Sophie's Wild Woollens

. . .and shoes your feet will love . . .

think! shoes

Quality, style and comfort - Unique shoes, traditionally crafted in Austria. Website

el natura lista

Super-comfortable, sustainably made shoes from Spain website


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